The Duke of Rutland’s spirited daughters, the Manners girls, became known as ‘No Manners’ after rows with neighbours over their hot sale herve leger bandage dresses . But their parents are determined to set a good example to their five children.


Despite splitting up with each other and taking lovers in separate wings of their home, Belvoir Castle, in Leicestershire, the Duke and Duchess came together this week at the launch of his book, Resolution, co-written with Emma Ellis.


The Duke took his new girlfriend, Brazil-born Andrea Webb, while his wife Emma diplomatically left her estate manager beau, Phil Burtt, at home.


The Duke and Duchess married in 1992, two years after they met at a party. 


But their marriage broke down in 2012 when it was revealed the Duke had enjoyed an illicit affair with a woman who lived on the 15,000-acre estate.


Somewhat surprisingly, however, Emma declared that not only would she continue to live under the same roof, but she and the Duke would do so with their new partners.


Burtt, whom I revealed in 2015 to be Emma’s lover, has said: ‘David lets me get on with it. He trusts me. We’re all friends and we have the occasional meal together.’


Scottish nationalists will soon have a louche spot overseas. Flamboyant actor Alan Cumming, 52, one of Alex Salmond’s biggest cheerleaders during the 2014 referendum, is to open a New York nightclub called Club Cumming. 


The watering hole will be as ‘eclectic as Alan himself’, gushes his spokesman. ‘He wants it to be a home for everyone who enjoys letting go and making mischief.’ 


Boris Johnson may have failed to get his fellow foreign ministers to support his call for sanctions against Russia, but he struck his own sweet deal. Taking time out from the G7 summit in the Italian town of Lucca, he was spotted ogling chocolates in a tourist shop. 


The 52-year-old bought some nougat and a local delicacy, Brigidini Lamporecchio, as well as chocolate from Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. Let’s hope well-fed Boris saved the treats for his long-suffering wife Marina. 


Royal who puts Wills' dancing to shame... 


Prince William’s ‘dad dancing’ at a Swiss nightclub was cringe-making — but at least there’s one Herve Leger Short Two-tone One Strap Bandage Dresses Nude  who knows how to let her hair down with style.


Herve Leger Short Two-tone One Strap Bandage Dresses Nude


Flora Ogilvy, 22-year-old granddaughter of the Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra, shared this photo of herself at a party. Wearing a red dress, she is held steady by pal Bart Miller. Time to give Wills some dance lessons, Flora?


Frost's tender tribute to his brother 


Social media was awash with tributes to brothers and sisters for National Sibling Day this week, but all the gushing proved painful for George Frost, son of the late broadcaster Sir David.


In 2015, he lost his brother Miles, who died of an undetected heart condition while jogging, aged 31.


Posting a photo of the pair with their brother Wilfred wearing Herve Leger Long Dresses bath robes when they were young boys, George wrote: ‘Twenty-nine years with Miles is better than a billion with anyone else.’